The Zigbee “Alliance” aka cookie monster +FTC+ FCC= Backdoor Entrance to your devices.

Did you know that your smart meter has its own LOCAL AREA NETWORK that also incorporates The Federal Trade Commission and The Federal Communications Commission? They even brought in The Zigbee Alliance Organization create a page of Legal Babel in case you want to OPT OUT of the sale of your personal data. They use the IP scheme which is for TESTING PURPOSES. LIES! ALL LIES! Open up Developer settings on your browser and take a gander as you scroll the World Wide Web. Where does it start? Where will it end? Is there a happy medium? Are we all a shared commodity in which The Land of the Free, The USA and the Global Ecommerce gets a piece of? When will it stop? Did I say land of The Free?? The statement is such a joke. There’s nothing free about being trafficked across the Globe besides me being “The TITLE” of Free. *( Good luck figuring out how to opt out of the babel for a week or two. It’s a bunch of “jibberish” as Eminem once said.

The threats are to cover up their radio interference in the 2.4Hz bandwidth. They even use my favorite FONTS. FONT AWESOME and COMIC SANS.
[The Recursive Resolver]

The problem with the infrastructure is due to BIGIP not updating ME! MERICA’

If my output is in blocks of 30 then it’s obvious I can’t push out the =0 outside of my zone. My electrical breaker box should have been updated when the VA entitlement signified the changes to be done 20 years ago. I’m not sure who pocketed the $50,000 but it didn’t go into my quadrant. We wouldn’t be stuck in Texas with rolling outages if they would replace things right here at 7G 15 #3. What the hell has TPL been doing with this revenue the last 20 years? It starts from the ground up. You can’t have smart TV’s, smart appliances and Satellite Dishes with smart meters on Gas, water and electric poles with a broken ground. Not to mention the solar network running the HiFi & LiFi for the global forces that be. It’s a no brainer. Who’s on those low profiles “roaming” about? System 32,SYSWOW have owned thee. All device plugs operate at 60Hz. So if Japan BAND is 70 and Asynchronous is flowing with AWS and controlling the grid via Windows push and Samsung Push then it opens up the black hole. Atmos Gas/Honeywell Meter aka Honeywell Board are always in Android system logs. Pushing their way through the local area channels. I’m sure THE FCC approves every application submitted by developers and radio broadcasters without getting explicit details on their intentions.

The Intel Graphics screen displays at a rate of 60Hz. With that being said, who’s watching my every move on my screen? Ziggbee or Honeywell once they push up to channel 70?? Both do use a unifying method to control my Intel mouse. Back door exploits in every home in AMERICA on the thru ! It creates a PAN to the LAN and WAN access by pushing keys after a payment processes. They go so far as to sync billing and monthend closeouts to manipulate the bottom line which in turn affects our interest rates. I’ve been watching it for years. I wonder what blue prints these engineers are looking at. 🤔

Did I mention TRAFFICKING?? iHeart Media , HURRICANEELECTRIC AND MONROE ELECTRONICS have been identified as 51 and 52. Monroe Electronics appears to be out of Massachusetts. What kind of “stuff” did they Cypher from people while running the EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM? Why was it necessary for them to log in to TWC PORTAL Via Dos Prompt on my AQUAS SHARP TV? (KEYWORD AQUA) DW1501


One last thing before I go. Have you ever looked up the FCC ID on your device? It a very unsettling feeling when you see all the BIGIP pedophiles getting approval from the FCC to create malicious applications on every device that you purchase.

I CAN’T make this shit up! EMERGENCY BROADCAST!

Check this out.

The Man who made the SMART meters that are on Atmos Energy gas meters.

One of those days..

I can’t access my email so that I can check this etrade account that I have. I wasn’t aware of this Global economy that I created. Grrrrr📢😳

These are the 2 “Appliances” used for The Department of Defense by UniSYS. They are in MY possession.